URL Click Counter

Here you can enter your URL and see the clicks it got

More Details

Number of Clicks: This metric indicates the total number of times the shortened link has been accessed or clicked by users. It's an important measure to evaluate the performance and popularity of the link.

Creation Date: This metric shows when the shortened link was first created. It's useful for tracking the link's age and assessing its performance history over time.

Last Click: This metric records the date and time of the last click on the shortened link. It provides an updated view of the link's activity and can be used to identify recent trends in user interest.

URL: This is the shortened URL being tracked. It's the primary reference for all recorded metrics and provides the starting point for analyzing the link's performance.

These combined metrics offer a comprehensive view of the performance and activity of the shortened link, allowing users to monitor the success of their marketing campaigns, content shares, or any other use of shortened links.